Hotels in Japan

Hotels in Japan range from simple and efficient business hotels to the luxurious accommodation found only in Tokyo. Ryokan still fill the luxury niche in many locations.

Japanese accommodation is known for service at any level and even in smaller establishments in the 3 star category, staff will be polite, knowledgeable and friendly, while at the higher end the service often exceeds the highest expectations. Rooms at all levels are generally spotlessly clean and breakfasts are very good quality - though a Japanese “Western” breakfast will vary from the traditional, with salads being a very common addition, along with eggs, meats, toasts, rolls, yoghurt and fruit. Japanese breakfasts are also often available.

Traditionally, Japanese couples sleep next to each other on futons and though hotels provide beds, the prevalence of twin rooms, often with two single sized beds, still reflects this. Wherever possible, we will accommodate requests for double beds, though outside the larger cities twin rooms remain standard up to the 4 Star level.

Top end hotels are somewhat limited outside major cities, with 5 Star + really only available in Tokyo - though luxury ryokan are available throughout the country

A Guide to our Hotel Star Ratings

Hotels in Japan
Rating Example General Rooms Room Size
3 Star Washington Hotels Usually small with a simple reception area and limited facilities in the hotel. Basic but clean and always ensuite, normally with a small unit bathroom including shower over a bath. These hotels always have a TV, phone, A/C, hair dryer, basic toiletries and plate for heating water, as well as usually having a fridge in the room and vending machines for alcoholic and soft drinks. 15 sqm approx.
4 Star Park Hotel, Tokyo Large hotels providing reasonable facilities such as restaurants, bars and porter service. Comfortable with a comfortable bathroom ensuite and toiletries provided. In addition to the facilities above, satellite TV, night robe and internet connections are normally available. 20-25 sqm approx.
5 Star Granvia Hotel, Kyoto Usually large hotels with full facilities including gym, restaurants and bars etc., and often a swimming pool. Very comfortable with all normal services and facilities that can be expected in international hotels. This includes room service, shiatsu massage, minibar and other extras. 25-35 sqm approx.
5 Star Plus Conrad Hotel, Tokyo These famous hotels are often the best in Japan, equivalent to the Ritz or Savoy in London. The lobbies are usually spectacular in appearance and design. Deluxe rooms with all the extras to be expected from a world-class hotel, including small free gifts. Large marble bathroom usually with separate shower and bath. 35-50 sqm approx.

Hotels in Japan